OUR History

EnerGiants began its journey in 2020 in the United Kingdom with a vision to redefine the oil trading industry. From inception, EnerGiants was not just another entity in the market but a company driven by vision of strategic expansion and industry leadership. Understanding the pivotal role of experience and legacy in the oil sector, EnerGiants took a significant leap forward by integrating a company with a rich history in fuel trading that dates back in 1990 in Bahrain. This company, whose name remains in the echelons of industry veterans, laid the groundwork for what would become EnerGiants’ robust trading arm, bringing decades of expertise under its new identity. The true transformation of EnerGiants began with the appointment of Maria Suomy Monsellato, a visionary businesswoman whose forward-thinking strategies have propelled the company into the international arena. Her leadership marked the beginning of a new epoch, steering EnerGiants toward becoming a multinational conglomerate with operations spanning Italy, Albania, Bahrain, the UK and Tanzania.


CEO unique perspective on the geopolitical landscape and her strategic acumen have been instrumental in establishing Energiants as a formidable player in the oil market. Her approach was not just about expansion but also about creating a sustainable and competitive model that resonates with the changing dynamics of the global economy.
In 2022, a pivotal development saw Energiants becoming a crucial part of Ninedots, thereby joining forces with an entity that shared its vision for innovation and market leadership. This alliance has been strategic in amplifying Energiants' capabilities, particularly in the realms of oil trading.
Today, Energiants stands at the cusp of industry dominance, powered by a mission to provide competitive pricing and unparalleled service in the oil sector. The company's foundation, strengthened by the past yet firmly looking to the future, promises to elevate Energiants to unprecedented heights under the stewardship of Maria Suomy Monsellato.


In a rapidly evolving global market, ENERGIANTS stands at the forefront of change, forging paths that redefine the energy sector's landscape. The coming year heralds a significant leap forward for ENERGIANTS, with a landmark contract securing the trade of 1 million barrels of oil per month throughout 2024. This pivotal agreement not only cements our status in the industry but also serves as a testament to our capacity and commitment to meet the growing energy demands with assurance and reliability.
Beyond this considerable milestone, ENERGIANTS is set to diversify and enhance our product offerings by introducing jet fuel and AdBlue into our extensive portfolio. By leveraging the competitive edge afforded through astute physical trading strategies, we aim to offer these products at exceptionally competitive prices. This initiative is poised to provide our clients with superior options that align with their economic and operational objectives.
This expansion into jet fuel and AdBlue epitomizes our dedication to innovation and customer-centric service. Our agile business model allows us to respond to market trends proactively, ensuring we offer the most relevant and cost-effective solutions.
At ENERGIANTS, we recognize that our future is intertwined with the evolving needs of our planet and its inhabitants. As we continue to expand our trading activities, we remain deeply committed to sustainable practices that honor our responsibility to the environment and future generations.
In every barrel traded and every strategic move made, ENERGIANTS is paving the way for a future where energy is not only more accessible but delivered with an unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability. Our journey through 2024 and beyond is one of strategic growth, operational excellence, and pioneering leadership in the oil market.