The mission of SUBASCO is to add value to oil trading market providing access to oil at competitive market prices, enabling us to offer unmatched value to our partners and costumers. Our strategic approach to physical trading underpins our commitment to excellence and positions us as a formidable competitor capable of breaking the cycle of market monopolies. Through innovative trading strategies and a robust network forested by the NineDots Group, EnerGiants aims to be at the forefront of the oil industry, ensuring reilablity, sustainability, and growth for all stakeholders involved.


SUBASCO envisons becoming a pivotal player in the global oil market, recognised for our strategic geopolitical acumen and our capability to influence and innovate within the sector. Our vision extends beyond traditional trading; we aim to leverage our position within the EnerGiants Holdings and NineDots Group to drive progress and prosperity. By capitalising on competitive pricing and extensive industry  knowledge, we seek to not just participate in the market, but to shape its future, ensuring EnerGiants is synonymous with visionary leadership and market foresight.