Welcome in subasco

Our Commercial name is EnerGiants Trading.
We are a Bahrain based oil trading company, an influential arm of the EnerGiants Bahrain Holdings, poised to redefine the oil trading landscape.
As SUBASCO, we are driven by the pursuit of excellence and the desire to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. Our comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and our ability to produce oil at highly competitive empower us to challenge monopolies and facilitate greater economic dynamism. As we forge ahead, we are committed to creating robust trade networks that not only benefit our partners but also contribute to global market stability.

SUBASCO (EnerGiants Trading) is a subsidiary of EnerGiants Bahrain Holdings wll and part of the Group of Companies NineDots Group Holdings ltd.


Oil trading is a high ranking field:
- high level of know-how
- highly challenging
- high yield subject to high performance.
Our mission is to build up a win-win commercial strategy able to shape this business. 


Oil is the most strategic sector of the Global Economy. Oil trading is one of the most elitist economy field. 
Nevertheless we believe that huge profits means limitless opportunities to enhance global growth. To be part of the Progress.


SUBASCO aims to add value to oil trading market providing access to oil at competitive market prices, enabling us to offer unmatched value to our partners and costumers. Through innovative trading strategies, SUBASCO aims to be at the forefront of the oil industry, ensuring reliability, sustainability, and growth for all stakeholders involved.